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Thread: Welcome to the Acute SCI Forum

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    I agree it is devastating. And where to start? I've searched google with such strings as ... new paraplegic paralysis second story home ... it seems every time we find some hope it is dashed ... financial stuff is incredibly difficult. My daughter ... ugh... I can't tell the story right now... anyway ... driver had no car insurance. It all just hurts.

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    TAs Mom, please ask away. We want to help.


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    TAs Mom, we welcome you and share your pain. I am also a mom and let me tell you this whole thing really sucks! This is a great site and you will get lots of help, info, and support. Don't be afraid to ask, vent, and cry - we have all been there!

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    hi also a resent sci family retired long year but hoping for better days c2-c3 injury

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    Hi T-7, 2 months post and just regained bladder function, no control, but i'm still intermittently cathiterizing myself with very little return but the rehab doc's been gone for a few days now and i was just wondering about a texas/condom cath and if anyone regained control after function.

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    Dustin, please see my response to your question about this on the Care forum.


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    Hi All! C6 C7 was told initially I would be paralyzed from my neck down, I would be long term health care, I would be on a respirator, and I would never regain anything. I breath on my own, I have the use of both arms, I get new sensation all the time, but ya, my poor husband has taken on the roll of caregiver. I'm not sure why I'm so blessed, but I KNOW I will walk again! Love & Light to all Analee
    When we're down to nothing, God's up to something!
    Love & Light to all

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    Thanks Dr. Young! That was beautifully written. Spinal cord injury is rough. It's a lot of maintence and can sometimes be very frustrating. I like how we can support one another on here. I think that really helps with the healing process even if you have had your injury for awhile. I am a t6-t8 incomplete para. I was in a car accident 7 yrs ago. My friend was driving, and we swerved and hit a tree on his side. He only sustained a sprain wrist. If anyone would like to talk, please feel free to PM me.
    - Jess

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    I dont know what to do!

    Like many, I am new to this subject.

    My dad has been suffering from lower back pain most of his life due to what he considered "normal aging". Six months ago, his pain levels increased significantly and finally led to hospitalization twice in the last month. When he entered, they couldn't figure out what the problem was, but knew that he had some kind of systemic infection. Upon his second visit to the hospital, they did an MRI and learned that he has a spinal abcess (the technical term he used started with an N, but I dont remember what it was). The doctors told him that he needed emergency surgery and were to move him to another Level 1 Trauma hospital that night. Unbeknownst to me, he went AMA that night and went home. This has been about a month ago. In the last 3 months I have seen my dad go from a strapping 230 lbs to a mere 160 and its scaring me. He is not keeping most food down, can barely walk, etc...

    He is telling me now that his doctor is telling him that if he doesnt have this surgery, he is going to die. He also apparently told him that the surgery has a limited chance for success and that it could paralyze or kill him. He has made up his mind that he will not be having surgery. He "doesnt want to be cut up just to die on a table" kind of thing. While I don't agree with this, it is absolutely his decision. My dad is prone to exageration, but also downplays things to try not to worry me so I dont know for sure what were looking at. I know that the abcess is for real. and that the systemic infection is in the bone. Theyre apparently going to install a pik line for antibiotics and he will see an infectious diseases doctor this week.

    If he doesn't have surgery, what can he/we expect? From the reading ive done on this site, it appears that the deterioration in health can go fast or slow and I really dont want him to suffer. Knowing my father as I do, I could see him just taking massive amounts of pain killers and trying to wait out death/or even possibly considering suicide if it gets too horrible.

    I know no one can tell me how long the "downhill" process is, but any thoughts you have would be absolutely appreciated!

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Hi all
    My brother in law sustained a c4-c5 injury at the end of January. He has made great progress and came out of ICU after about five weeks, trach removed and now breathing fine on his own. He has weak movement in his left arm at the moment and none in his right but we hope the physio and occupational therapy will help him to build strength and regain some function. We are based in Ireland and have been over and back a few times. We saw him out in a wheelchair for the first time last weekend and it was great to see him upright although it seems to be uncomfortable for his back.
    This is a fantastic forum with brilliant support and I am hoping to be able to pass the ideas and hope back to my brother-in-law.

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