Spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating events that can befall a person. When it happens, family and friends often go to the internet for information and encounter a bewildering array of complex information and advice, some old and out-of-date. The CareCure Community is uniquely equipped to provide information concerning acute spinal cord injury because over 70% of the members of this community have gone through the process, understand what is involved, and can offer in depth advice and insights. This forum is intended for people, families, and friends who have had a recent spinal cord injury. Please ask questions and we will try to answer your questions as best as we can.

I just posted an article concerning what to ask and answers to frequently asked questions on http://carecure.rutgers.edu/spinewir...I/AcuteSCI.htm on the main carecure community site. Please look there for more detailed information about acute spinal cord injury.

Unlike other forums on this web site, this forum allows people to read and post without registration. This is because the registration process may be too slow and people may want to ask questions immediately. In the next day or so, various articles will be posted here and on the main http://carecure.rutgers.edu/spinewire/ site that will provide links both to this site and related site, summarizing answers to frequently asked questions.

Our hearts are with families and friends who have spinal cord injury.


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