My Real name is Sandra Villanueva and I am 34 years old,green eyes,white skin,brunette,single,never married, disabled due to a car crash accident when I was a baby.

I am a self employee english Teacher,not slim but not overweighted,I am a hardworking woman,I love art,music(Classic,Opera,pop,rock),reading (I especially love terror books about vampires,ghosts,etc),though my favorite art time is the renaissance and I love Dante Alighieri's art(The Divine Commedy),movies....

I work for the disabled people's rights and also lifestyle since 1993,and well all what I like to express is at my site Wheels for Independence

I love cats and dogs,I currently have a cat: Salima and a dog: Falcor.

I live with my parents and my brother Rodrigo,I have 2 brothers more but they are now married,we are a very joined family.I like traveling and also going shopping (when I have time).

I am looking for a gentleman (let's say a man) who really wants to have a serious relationship,I don't want a guy who only looks for the fun and nice times,expecting that after a date or two things will have to end in a bed,I look for someone who likes reading,enjoying time in a restaurant,watching a movie,etc...someone who also respects me as much as i will respect him,I must say I am tired of dating guys who are just focussed on what they need and when they see that life with a disabled person is not so easy they just run scared as if I were a monster,I am not so sweet,but I am not a monster!,I simply dislike games and I am always against lies.

Well if someone is interested on what I have said please just email me,you also can find me at Wheels for independence.