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Thread: mitranoff experiences?

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    mitranoff experiences?

    I am finally fed up enough with not being able to cath myself that I am seriously thinking about getting the mitranoff procedure done. But my urologist said that it is not an easy procedure and i would be in the hospital for a week and it will take 4-6 weeks to recover from it. I was just wondering if anyone had this procedure and how long it took them to recover and how bad the surgery was and if the surgery worked well for them.

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    Best thing I ever did. In the hospital for 2 weeks, but up and around after 2 days (they made me get up.) After about three days I felt well enough to push myself around. By the time I was d/c, I felt fine. I even went to a BBQ the very next day. You just have to put up w/the annoying suprapubic tube for 6 weeks.

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    mitrofanof procedure

    cdues - A former C6 quad patient of mine, had completed her graduate degree and was ready to return to work....but she was totally limited by her urine management. She elected to have a mitrofanof and it has been her road to independence. She had a good recovery and within 2 to 3 months she was able to manage her own bladder needs. She was in a long term program I was coordinating, so I saw her twice weekly for about 2 hours; I did her caths initially for her during the early recovery period, with no problems. Once she became independent in the technique, her AM PCA would prepare individual catheters, lubricated, wrapped in saran and placed in a clean plastic bag. She could not manage the catheters such as the MMG that comes within a self-contained collection bag. She had a device that looked similar to speculum that had a curved handle on it. She slipped her hand through the handle, pressed it against her abdomen to open it; with her other hand she held the catheter to be grasped by the device. She then continued with the cathing.

    The mitrofanof can be done through the umbilicus (navel) or through a separate stab-like opening near the navel. Either the appendix or a small portion of the small bowel are used as the conduit between the bladder and the opening on the abdomen. It is very important that you find a doctor who does these often. The particular patient cited above, went to a urologist who did the procedure with the assistance of a pediatric urologist as this is a common procedure in children born with spina bifida. CRF

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    Mitrofanoff experience recommended

    My 9 year old daughter Heather had a mitrofanoff done on Nov. 27,2001. She was in the hospital for 5 days. She had her indwelling catheter removed January 3rd and three days later she decided to try it. She is now totally independent with all her cathings. She was not happy when the surgery was first done, but she is thrilled with it now. She knows that without it she would still have to rely on someone else to do it. She also had the bladder neck sling done at the same time. She stays completely dry now and no longer wears diapers. She is a T12 and has limited use of her right hand from compartment syndrome. I really don't think you would regret having it done. I know it sure has made life nicer for us. She was also happy to notice that her belly-button still looks the same. Good luck!

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    Hello all..

    Is this procedure safe,i was just wondering why more people hav'nt had this done? It sounds great and im very interested in it but i've never even heard of it before up here in Canada..


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    mitrofanoff experience

    Shaun - While this procedure has been used in the pediatric population for children with birth defects such as spina bifida, it is reasonably recent to the SCI population. (The patient I referenced in the previous post had it done about 5 years ago. To my knowledge, not many had been done in SCI patients, at that time.) Many people have never heard of the procedure; secondly, it does mean a surgical procedure which many SCI persons are reluctant to undergo. CRF

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    i am new here just joined i have spina bifida and of coures along with that bladder problems im tired of my private area not being private if u know what i mean CIC is not for me with the strict schedule u have to keep with it feel like im trapped by it was wondering about the disconfort from the surgery for anyone who has it as is femaleand bunches of other stuff can someone help me find out if this is right for me and what im looking for

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