well tomorrow marks 20 years post. pretty hard to believe how fast life has gone by. getting hard to cope with life sometimes. my wife left me after 13 years for an AB guy. man, i know the bible says the Lord won't give you more than you can handle; this is hard to believe sometimes.

i need to remember the blesings in my life, and where i have come from. because of sci i became a Christian and so have a few of my friends and family. i have a 6 year old son. countless other good things in my life are all around me.

however i am reminded daily of the physical struggles, and every 30th of june i'm reminded of an accident that changed my life and it's direction forever.

couple of beers and good company with family should pass the day nicely.

i don't post here often, but i needed to get some things off my mind with others who know what i'm going through

God bless and thanks for listening