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Thread: Driving, Six-way seat, Power chair, Honda Element

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    Driving, Six-way seat, Power chair, Honda Element

    We just got an Element with a ramp. I fit in it with my power chair on the driver side, but theres not enough room to turn over an EZ lock. I can transfer into the regular driver seat, but its not easy. I use a manual chair too, but I don't know if I really want to drive from that. Will a six-way power seat fit in any brackets, specifically Element brackets? I don't know what to doooo...

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    Is this what your interior looks like?

    You'd likely have to drill new holes to mount a six-way seat, but then again you'd have to drill for an EZ-Lock too. Where would you leave your chair if you transfered? In the passenger spot?

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    Ya you'll have to drill to put a power seat base in.They dont mount in your regular old seat brackets.There something completely different...Ricon.......Ims..

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    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for you, just questions because I've been considering an element myself. What kind of power chair do you use? How much space are you lacking? What if you opened all doors to give you more space to turn...? Thanks and good luck.


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    Yeah thats what it looks like. Drilling holes would be fine with'd doable right? And yeah id just leave my chair next to me. I have a TDX5, it fits in the spot, but I would hit the ezlock when turning. Is a six-way chair a good idea?

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