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Thread: Baclofen Pump

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    Baclofen Pump

    I'm really thin and going to have a baclofen pump fitted. My friend had one done and said that his is highly visable and is in between his rib-cage and belly-button. I thought that it is more in your groin?
    I like to wear tight tops and short tops. Will I still be able to? Have any girls had it done? Does it lie beneith your trousers or above?

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    Location of pump

    Usually it is placed in the upper abdomen above the natural waist, and it does look like a bulge on those who are thin. The location is somewhat limited by the length of the catheter,and need to avoid having it under tension or crimped, but other than that there is a lot of leeway. You should discuss your needs in this area with the surgeon to find out what he/she can do as far as options for placement.


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