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Thread: " Murderball"

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    MSNBC's review...

    Somehow we have been conditioned to believe that people in wheelchairs are more sedentary than the rest of us, and should be treated gently. That perception gets clobbered in "Murderball," the new documentary by Henry-Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro. In this case, the wheelchair-bound quadriplegics decide they’re not only going to compete in their chosen sport -– in this case, their unique form of rugby –- but they're going to do so more ferociously than anybody standing on two legs. "Murderball" is filled with vivid characters who have fascinating stories to tell about how they found themselves living on two wheels and how determined they are to roll over anyone or anything that gets in the way of what they want to accomplish in life. After you see it, you might want to steer clear of any preconceived notions about people in wheelchairs. (Think Film, in theaters now)

    link is from their homepage

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    Went to a matinee was great, but so disappointing...there were only 10 people in the theater, including me, my friend and her husband (who was the only one there in a chair). I hope that word of mouth can pick up attendance at the art theaters, but if this was the first wide weekend, I am afraid we will not get it out to the main-stream theaters. I do intend to purchase the DVD when it comes out, and I plan to attend the movie at the theater at least one more time.


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    MTV'S Jackass had a Murderball special. Kind of appropriate, the Jackass guys with the quads. Everytime I watch that show, I think Look at those idiots and I'm in a wheelchair? When they did cattleprod jousting the juice in the lower parts sure seemed to hurt the ab's worse than the quads LOL.

    I swear Zupan said he wouldn't change a thing. I'll never love a sport that much.

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    I saw the film friday... there were about 20 people in the theatre, and 10 of them were with me... but this was the second weekend in Chicago.

    The film was great, the theatre was not - but I knew that going in. First, the automatic doors wouldn't work, which is ok since I can get myself through doors, but it was annoying. Then there are the ramps - this theatre is on four stories of a bulding - with the theatres stacked on top of each other. The ramps are crazy steep. I could never have wheeled myself up alone (though down was fine, if a little scary and without my gloves).

    Then inside the theatre, the wheelchair spots are about 6 feet from the screen... man did my neck hurt by the end. Plus, they had all of the regular seats pulled out of the row with the wheelchair spots. Presumably this was to make room for more chairs since the film was about quads... In any case, I sat alone in the row, while my 9 friends sat behind me.

    There was one other chair user there (double leg amputee). When he saw the setup, he immediately transfered to the stairs and "walked" with his hands up to a normal seat. I was tempted to get out of the chair and scoot on my butt up the stairs, but I didn't... the previews were already rolling.

    But the film was worth it all. Many of my friends cried... the rehab scenes were a little to close to home for them I guess. I mostly laughed... I did wish it had ended differently (I won't spoil it). If it is playing anywhere near you, GO!
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    It opens in a theater about 30 minutes from my house tonight. This is sweet, just in time for me to advertise at the festival tommorow. The theater is mostly a mainstream theater, but occasionally gets an indy flick. Many more people in NW Indiana will see it now. Thanks Showplace 16.

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