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    I know there was an old thread about this, but I searched and couldn't find it.

    Today I took a backwards fall out of my chair at PT and almost cracked my head open on the concrete.

    I remember back in inpatient PT they taught me how to fall by grabbing the wheel or frame with one hand and and pulling forward, then use the other hand to block your knees from smacking you in the face. We practiced it on a mat back then, and I remember that I still smacked my head on the mat and thinking it would hurt if it were a hard surface.

    Today, we were outside practicing going up and down curbs. I used to be good at it, but after a year of not using them and being in a new chair, I'm having trouble getting it back. Going down a curb is no problem, and I'm starting to get to where I can go up again. My therapist wanted to try going down stairs today in a wheelie, but I told her I didn't feel comfortable trying that yet.

    That probably saved me from having my head split open. Instead I suggested I try going down a curb and holding a wheelie after I land. The first try, I poped into a nice stable wheelie, let it down the curb nice and slow, but then the chair started tipping backwards. I was leaning forward as far as I already could, and with the back wheels agains the curb I couldn't stop it.

    In the 0.0000175024 seconds I had to react today, I didn't have time to think about the "correct" way to fall. I just let go of the wheels and threw my arms back and caught myself. It worked out OK. I think if I had done it the other way, my brains would be all over the sidewalk, but instead I just scraped up the palms of my hands.

    I couldn't push myself back upright, so I just slid out of the chair on to the sidewalk and scooted over to the grass so I had something soft to sit on, then did my ground to chair transfer.

    Part of me feels good knowing I can handle falling out of my chair and getting back in, but the rest of me is still shaking thinking about the other way it could have turned out.

    I was just getting comfortable going down curbs without someone spotting me (which I do quite often), now I'm nervious about doing it again.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    that gave me goosebumb . are you a para i have yet to beable to get back in my chair when i fall out going forward. i am terrified of falling off my ramp in van going down.

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    I remembered seeing a site on W/C trick videos a couple yrs ago and found this one, cripcollege Its worth a look.

    The site I really wanted I couldnt find. It was in a gym setting with mats to land on and the guy was doing controled backflips then righting himself. The last demo he did was a full 360 roll, tossed the chair on over his head then pulled himself up in it like you do Jim. Amazing! I'll try to find it later.


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    Wasn't your PT spotting you when you were practicing this? That would be expected in our program.


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    it happens, i just tuck my chin to my chest and take the hit on my upper back........

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    I was trained to put both arms behind me when I fell backwards. Save head first!

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    Why not wear a bike helmet to practice in until you get your moves or falls to a point where you are not at risk of breaking your head open?

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    Gravel is the worst,while it cushions the blow some you always end up havin to pick the rocks out of your head.Grass and top soil are nice,pleasant smelling somewhat rexing even..sand is quite lovely,if you fall backwards in water make sure you keep the straw you were suckin your beer back with in your teeth,helps aid the breathing till rescued.Asphalt isnt to bad if its a nice hot day,although you may not remember..cement is the worst,seems to always cause minor bleeding...

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    Wasn't your PT spotting you when you were practicing this? That would be expected in our program.
    Yes, but I had her standing in front, I was more worried about taking a nosedive if I lost control of the wheelie before I went over the curb (did that once before, wasn't pretty).

    I checked my butt when I got home yesterday, no bruises, just scraped palms. This morning I notice I have a cut down the inside of my left arm at the elbow, and somehow cut the top of my left hand. I swear that wasn't there yesterday.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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