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    Home Health Care

    Hey Guys,

    I need help from NYC and NY State folks. I am moving from Connecticut to NYC on July 16th and need to find out about home health care.
    Currently I have a Personal Care Attendant that comes for a certain amount of time a week. I am on Medicaid in Connecticut at the moment.
    I would like to know:
    Who pays for home health care in New York City (or NY State if it's the same)
    Do you guys have any info that you could shoot my way?
    And lastly (but not important), can I do a family/friends get paid to do it? In CT I was able to hire anyone I pleased other than immediate family.

    (Is this in the right forum? Or should it go in Caregiving too?)

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    contact the CIL in NYC

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    Center for Independent Living, or also called an ILC (Independent Living Center).

    You can find a listing here:


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    Hey Torsten - I'm not much help on the PCA issue but wanted to say Right On for moving into the City. Great place, even in a chair. I think in 4 years here I've seen like one other wheeler, but from reading on this board it appears there are a number of us in town. What neighborhood are you moving to?

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    i work on mad 51/52... movin to the financial district (our apt is literally overlooking ground zero)... kinda live w/ my gf at the moment.
    i see chairs all over, but no one that i could relate to. hard to describe what i mean...
    how 'bout u?


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