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Thread: wisdom teeth pulled?

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    wisdom teeth pulled?

    anybody had their wisdom teeth pulled since their sci?

    my dentist said I need all four pulled...he said they'll put me under(to sleep) when he does kindly nervous about that part!

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    I went with the novocaine injections instead of having the doctor put me under/sleep. I also decided to go back for a second visit instead of having all the work done at one time.

    Good luck!


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    i did the opposite of paul.
    i had 1 wisdom tooth pulled and a bunch of other work done, all at the same time, while under general anesthesia.
    i had no problems.
    you'll need someone to drive you there-n-back, you'll be groggy and unable to drive when you wake up.
    this way was preferable to me cuz 1)i am absolutely terrified of having dental work done and 1 visit is all i could stand and 2)i had an infected wisdom tooth and it needed immediate attention.
    my dentist was also a licensed anesthesiologist at a major hospital too.
    check credentials, and ask what they would do in case of an (unlikely) they hafta call 911 or can they deal w/ it themselves?
    the only down-side for me was the cost.
    i don't have a dental plan and had to pay out of pocket

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    I had all four pulled 3 years after my SCI. I was put under and I actually went out the same night with friends. I have a HIGH pain tolerance.

    The oral surgeon and staff was pretty well trained in dealing with a SCI patient. While I was under they were able to transfer me into different beds and then later into my chair while I was still out of it.

    Made a quick recovery and didn't miss a day of school.

    It's not as bad as ya think it is going to be.

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    I had all 4 pulled out 1 year post. He didn't put me to sleep, just used anesthetic. I ate ice cream for 24 hours then I was fine. No biggie.

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    I had mine out in July or August. They really sedated me to the point where my Mom and sister had to drag me to the car then drag me into bed. I had only 2 wisdom teeth in total and my pain was really minimal. The surgeon gave me percosets, but I only took them the first day.
    It's not bad and I'm such a baby when it comes to procedures, especially dentists!

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    I had all four pulled, and i got two dry sockets in the bottom two, which hurt. However i was told that with being on the pill its harder for a clot to form, as the pill has an anti clotting agent in it. My bottom two were also impacted, which may have contributed to the dry socket.

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    Had 2 pulled, at separate times, w/a local anaesthetic. Second time I had a serious reaction to the local. I went into AD, racing heartbeat, horrible headache and a strange rhythmic spasming of my legs. Scared the crap out of the oral surgeon. It eventually subsided and the tooth was yanked. I later learned the Dr. used a newer anaesthetic with a significant adrenaline-like component.

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    I also need mine pulled and I'm not looking forward to it at all. It's either they come out or my nickname will snagle tooth. Yikes!


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    I had mine out with conscious sedation (Versed). You are not fully asleep, but will have total amnesia for the whole procedure. This is the way to go! No intubation, your breathing is not effected, and you will feel a pleasant buzz only when you wake up. A little snooze in the recovery area, and I was set to go home (with a friend). Ask your oral surgeon about conscious sedation.

    By the way, you can't get AD from oral surgery. The pain has to be below the level of your injury.


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