I went to x10 to get a remote control for my traffic signal and wound up ordering this. It hooks into the computer via a USB cable and now I can control 12 lights or appliances and my traffic light from wall switches, wireless wall switches, remote controls and my computer. I will never have a light left on after hopping into bed. Cost a little over $200

(1) Active Home Professional 9-Piece Home Automation Starter Kit with Lamp Module, Eagle Eye Motion Sensor, Appliance Module and Palm Pad Remote, Key chain Remote, Slim line Switch and Socket Rocket

(1) RCA 9-piece Module Pack with 3 Lamp Modules, 3 Appliance Modules (2-pin), 3 Wall Switches and a Free Palm Pad Remote Control

(3) Wall Switches plus FREE X10 Palm Pad Remote Control Dimmer, Fixture, and 300W, 120 VAC