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Thread: Toilet/commode chair

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    Toilet/commode chair

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to get a custom commode chair done?

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    Why do you need a custom one?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Why do you need a custom one?


    My guess is - because the available equipment out there SUCKS!!!
    I got a slider shower/commode contraption 3 years ago. It cost more than $2000. The slide mechanism is genius, but absolutely no real thought was put into the seating system. Many of us needing these chairs spend a lot more time on them than the average "eliminator". Forget the zero comfort factor and lack of support, and you've still got major skin issues to deal with.
    3 years and many cushion adaptations later, and I'm still looking for answers.

    good luck with the customization hunt, and when you do find a solution please share it.

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    My biggest problem is finding one that is easy to transfer on. The one I got now is small and has arm rests/handles in the way. I've looked around and haven't seen much worth the cost. And like Alissa said, most of them just suck. I remembered reading a post where someone got one done at a boat shop. It looked nice and they said it was affordable. I tried searching for the post and I couldn't find it.

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    I have an active-aid shower chair that is pretty easy to transfer on. The armrests flip back for the transfer, and it has fullsize rear wheels so you can move around independently. Did cost a nice chunk of $$. Only problem is the footrests are a pain.
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    The new Active Aid AdVAnced is the best shower commode chair I have seen, and is based on extensive research and prototypes tested at the Tampa VA SCI Center. It is not cheap, but has many features that make it safer and easier to use than any commode/shower chair I have seen to date. While it looks similar to the E&J Shower/Commode, it is MUCH better.


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