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Thread: AFO stink

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    AFO stink

    anyone know how to stop it? the padding gets a smell to it, probably from my sweat , i have been washing it with anti bacterial soap. but would prefer it didnt have this odor

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    Well it's kinda manly.

    Try spraying with lysol? If antibacterial soap and lysol don't work I bet it has dead skin built up on it and have no ideas.

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    Spray it with Febreeze, it wipes out most odors.

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    A zillion years ago my husband had a stink problem when he had to wear a carpal tunnel brace. You can hand wash the item and add either baking soda to the woolite (works better than regular hand soap) or white vinegar. Make sure the baking soda dissolves before adding the AFO. The big thing with either is to make sure the item dries completely before putting it away or wearing again.

    Another cure all for body oils that get into medical items is shampoo. It is meant to dissolve body oil so it works great. I found Head and Shoulders worked wonders on nylon dog collars too.

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    We don't want ya stinkin'

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    thnaks all, great ideas i can try, i like the white vinegar and baking soda, shampoo sounds good too.

    will try the frebreeze also

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    I have a weird friend that says if your shoes stink you can put them in the freezer for 24 hours. Yep, I said weird. She says that the cold temp kills the bacteria that causes the stink. I have never had to try it , but she swears by it. I would suggest putting it in a plastic bag first though. Good luck stinky.


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    i remember doing the freezer thing with my teva sandals, talk about a stink they would get,
    it didnt work for me , the freezer trick , they were also used for canoeing so probably had tiny dying organic material lodged in them

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