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Thread: VA SCI Center Camping Trip Update

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    VA SCI Center Camping Trip Update

    I posted a thread about the Augusta VA's camping trip in the chapter's section some time ago. Well we got home late Friday afternoon, and I am happy to be able to report that everyone had a great time. We had a large number of activities to choose from while we were there, they included hand cycling, field events(shot putt,discus,javlin,etc),archery & tennis,power soccer, and ATV riding. I only wish we had been able to stay for another day, we had so many activities and only 1 full day in camp to fit everything into.

    These trips are entirely paid for by donations to the R.T. department at the VAMC. The sports equipment there was brought by these generous volunteers at their own expense, ATV's, hand cycles, air rifles, throwing chairs,etc. One of the staff members at the VA even requested that in lue of bridal shower presents, that people donate the money to the fund that pays for these trips.

    I want to thank everyone involved who made this cammping trip possible, from the director of the Augusta,GA VAMC, to the director of the SCI center and all the staff members who worked so hard to make this happen for us. Thank you to the Southeastern PVA for the funds and support given, and for the PVA members, and others who volunteered to help during our time in camp. Most of all I want to thank the 16 SCI staff members who worked their butts off making sure that everyone had a great time while we were at Camp Will-A-Way!!!

    Linda H.

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    Sounds great linda, glad you had fun.

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