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    Hello all I was just wondering if any of you guys have dreams about walking. I am 4 yrs post and for some reason now all of a sudden almost everynight I keep having dreams about walking...Do any of you guys have this problem??? It is kinda bumming me out.

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    Since sci 15 years ago I have never had a dream where I could not walk. Sometimes in the dream my legs feel very weak or I can only walk really slow.........but always walking. It used to bumm me out when I woke from those dreams but not anymore.


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    hi i have dreams of me walking alot. even dancing. who knows maybe soon. anty

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    dmbaer, there was pretty good thread about dreams:
    How do you dream... ?

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    I have many dreams about different situations and in all of them I can walk and run. I am sometimes out driveing around hanging with the friends I used to have. Past tense because they all ditched. In many dreams I am back in the northern Alberta forest hunting or being chased by bears, yikes. Most of the time the dreams feel so real, more real then any dreams that I have ever had, then when I wake up I feel very sad. I try to go back to sleep right away even if it was a bad dream, I try to go back to it. Anything to get that feeling of walking again.

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    thank you all for your input, it is nice to know you are not alone on these issues.

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    Im 7yrs post,and in my dreams im always walking,but im never walking theres always something wrong and i can never figure out exactly what it is..

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