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Thread: Enjoying Life or Just Surviving

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    Enjoying Life or Just Surviving


    I've been giving this some thought and realized that i'm just surviving and not enjoying or making the most of life. In other words, all i do is work to pay off debt. How do others here feel?

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    "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" - Emerson.
    I think your lot is close to universal. I know I share those feelings frequently. Sometimes the working part is the only thing that keeps me going, mentally.
    Find some small thing(s) that take you away from the grind. I'm grateful that I can hobble around enough to go to places I used walk and run and just appreciate the outdoors.
    Good luck!

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    JUst SURVIVING ISNT LIVING IMO......i look forward to getting up everyday......but, i enjoy my job, and have hobbies, just a very busy busy happy life in general. its all about attitude.....

    "Man is bound to follow the adventurous promptings of his scientific and inventive mind and to admire himself for his splendid achievements" Carl Jung

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    Originally posted by jlaubham:

    What does IMO mean?
    "In My Opinion"

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    Debt is a huge trap in our society with way too easy access to credit. I get five to ten credit card offers per week. Some days I'd just like to open twenty-five accounts, get 20 large from each account and then disappear into the woodwork. Instead, it's a daily fight to spend as little as possible.

    I'm surviving most days so I can enjoy those few days per year that are totally worth living.

    ~See you at the CareCure-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Jeff echoed my sentiments exactly. It's all worth it for those bits of vacation time throughout the year.

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    I am just surviving . I don't get to go anyplace , because I don't have a handicap assessable van. I have been given a driver evaluation as to what hand controls I need. I just haven't had any luck in having any organization's willing to do a fundraiser for me. The only time I get to leave the house is when the handicapped taxi comes to take me to see the doctor. Most of the time I am in some kind of pain from a UT infection or some sort of neural pathic pain. I also live in a rual area so I don't get to see very many people and there isn't no place to go. So live is the same every day.

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    I would have to say that while some aspects could be better,that yes,im enjoying life

    ~~This world can turn me down but i wont turn away,i wont duck and run cause im not built that way~~

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    i agree i am just surviving i live rural all i do seems to work 9 hrs aday i am lucky my office is next to home and has been for 15 yrs. but all my friends live an hr away and were a part of the horsey set of which i no longer get to do when i do get to go we they are to busy to sit and visit.i do have a van but i am scared to get in by myself as i cann/t back in ramp i have to go forward and they tell if chair rolled those little flaPS would not hold chair on soooo. i am soooo tired at then of day exercising is so hard i do but not long enough. i know i don/t eat right but c6c7 its hard to fix a good meal and i hate pre package frozen food. so i live on bake potatoes tuna and ham sandwich unless i can get caretacker to fix something .i also think para lead a more normal life. but this sucks i look oout my window see my horses that i will never ride again get mad at my son for not taking the time to saddle my horse and pony me yes i have a saddle where i could ride again. but he won/t. i have been stuck home for as long as 3 weeks with out getting out on the weekends i don/t see anyboby except my caretaker for 2 hrs. this is not living i really don/t know if the cure will come i am 54 4 yr this coming may 28. never been depressed in my life but now i am. but i also have to count my blessing i can at least get a drink when i want and someting to eat when i want so why should i complain . it could be worse.

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