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Thread: Suggestions welcomed :) Darius Goes West

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    Suggestions welcomed :) Darius Goes West

    Hi, I read an editorial in my local newspaper last week directing us to this site. I actually work with the lady who wrote the story because her son and his friends are involved with this effort.

    Please check out the website at It's about a teenager who uses a wheelchair because of a disease that will shorten his life. He's never had the chance to travel much and dreams of going from his home in Georgia to the west coast to have MTV's Pimp My Ride pimp his chair. His friends have decided to raise the money to rent a motor home that is wheelchair accessible and take him on a road trip that he'll never forget with hopes of MTV hooking up his chair when he gets there (but there's no agreement on that yet, it's still in the works). The group will document their journey on video.

    For everyone who has fixed their chair up (especially if you are in the GA area), who'd you use? Spinners? Sound systems? DVD ? video games? Any other cool ideas?

    I don't even know this kid personally, but I wish them all the luck in making an unforgettable trip

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    ready4 - exzibit at MTV is the guy you want. Or have you guys considered contacting Jesse James' crew over at the Discovery Channel? Or how about Dean Kamen's crew at

    As far as ideas:

    1. CD/DVD flip-up monitor, voice controlled.
    2. GPS Navigation system
    3. IBOT Chair (climbing stairs)
    4. 4-wheel drive with 4-wheel steering
    5. Automatic spray mister for those hot days
    6. Custom wheels
    7. Subwoofer in chair base
    8. Remote control keypad for doors/windows
    9. 10" clearance for off-road adventures
    10. Detachable beach tires

    I hope this kid's trip is unforgettable.

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    I guess I don't have many suggestions besides the ones already mentioned, but I think these guys are awesome for doing something so big for their friend. This kid deserves a trip.
    Kansas girls put the HEAT in wheat...

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    thanks for the suggestions. I'll pass them along

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