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Thread: How are your grades?

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    How are your grades?

    It seems like we have all these young folks in college but nobody's talking. How's it going? Are you done? Did finals kick your butt? What did you learn/love/hate? Brag a little, whine a little...inquiring minds want to know.

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    well...i ended up with a 3.6 overall. this last semester was definitely my lowest as far as grades go. senioritis i guess. i might get a 3.2 or so.

    i had a lot of big papers this semester and i don't type very fast as i can only really use one or two fingers on my right hand to type. but i still procrastinate as if i can pump out a decent paper in a day or two like i used to. oh well. luckily as a math major i didn't have nearly as many papers as some of my peers.

    i'm hoping to shake my bad study habits and get my masters degree and teach math at either the high school or college level. because can never have too much math in your life


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    Took three classes, got 3 A's. One of the A's was in calculus . My only complaint is in regards to my school's new plus minus system. I liked not worrying about how high my A or B was going to be.

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    I won't post much about my undergrad in terms of my GPA, but it was pretty decent. There were times when I had to ask for extensions for essays because I was having some health issues, which was frustrating.

    The college experience itself wasn't the greatest because the school I went to didn't have much in terms of spirit. I kept hearing while I was in high school that my college years were going to be the best years of my life. It was a bit of a disappointment. I spoke to other alumni and they said the same thing. The university is very academically oriented (God forbid).

    The one thing I loved was at the end of the year we had this concert called Arts County Fair and EVERYONE came out. For one day of the year, the campus of UBC undergoes complete and utter chaos.

    I found out recently that I have been accepted into the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria, so I'll be moving to the island. I'm so stoked because I love the island...Victoria's population is mainly people my age who know how to have a good time, not that that's the only thing that matters, but it's a more inviting atmosphere.

    I'm pretty excited about starting this chapter of my life even though I'm scared shitless

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    I pulled off a 3.3 (all b's and one b+). I was pretty happy about that. Of course, I could have done much better but I let a few things distract me. I need to buckle down!!!

    I did make a few accessibility complaints that were successfully addressed by the staff/faculty. Hopefully, because of that, some other kid in a chair will have an easier time in the future. It makes me feel pretty good to know that.

    I kind of echo kiran's words about the "best times of your life" thing being a bit of a disappointment. I feel more like I'm working 9-5 than living the "college lifestyle". The only thing about that is...I lived my wild days pre-injury. I can't think of anything that I've missed out on. The parties, the ladies, the all-night studythons. I guess I got all of that out of my system pre-injury. Overall, I'm pretty excited about school. I can finally see graduation on the horizon. My GPA is climbing slowly but steadily and I'm doing a lot of things in-between that I think are really important and key to my future. I have some time this summer (only taking one summerschool class and a lab) so I'm looking forward to becoming even more involved in advocacy.

    Gotta get that poli sci degree....there's an open House of Reps. seat out there waiting for me somewhere .

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    took 3 class ..had 2 B's and an A....semesters over now ..Im taking the summer off and going back next fall..

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    Since today is the last day of finals for this semester, I don't yet know what my GPA is. I'm pretty sure I have at least one A, two B's, and possibly a C. My psychology class was the most boring class I have ever experienced (seriously, it was a waste of time and $) so I didn't put much effort into it like I should have. *Bad Carrie!* Besides taking the four classes this semester, I slowly learned the art of procrastination. I gotta shake that before next fall.
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    3.83 with 6 classes. 5 A's and one B. Still managed to have quite a bit of fun though. Next semester is going to be the rough one though with several sciences and labs.

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    3.93 and beginning my senior year but I pulled most of my grades before I was injured. Now it's kinda the bare minimum to get by.

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    CC kids=over-achievers, I think. Holy bananas, guys. What an impressive group.

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