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Thread: Today is a very special day here

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    Today is a very special day here

    Today we celebrate a very special day. My son, Nick celebrates his 26th birthday. The memories I hold of this day 26 years ago, overwhelm the bad times I have had to deal off and on. I know that I have really been blessed with him and his daughter. Life has been good to me no matter what. He is like the song, "Wind Beneath My Wings" in my life.

    Happy B-Day. Love you mijo. Always and forever.


    A poem just for you.

    Today marks a very special day
    Upon this day I would like to say
    What my heart will celebrate
    A story of a great love borne
    Upon a beautiful warm day in May
    Today holds a special meaning
    A day of celebration
    For out of all my tribulation
    Twenty six years ago
    I was truly blessed
    A blessing I dearly wished for
    Was brought to life this day
    A life that has filled my own
    Bringing me hope
    Upon my days of sadness
    A gentle loving hand
    That wipes away my tears
    A sweet pure kiss
    Upon my forehead
    Making me feel so loved
    A great big bear hug
    Showing me the strength
    That lies within his heart
    A smile that brings light
    Upon the shadows in the night
    That at times engulf my heart
    A voice so dear
    That calls me every day
    To make sure that I'm okay
    A voice that brings life
    Life upon the last embers
    Of my once fiery life
    A life that once more
    Breathes upon my life
    Giving me the wish to carry on
    Thank you God for this hope
    Thank you for bringing life
    Back to my life
    Thank you for this blessing
    Thank you for this great son
    Thank you Nick for being there
    When I have needed you the most
    To help ease the pain
    That haunts upon my body
    Thank you for bringing joy
    Once more to my soul
    Also for the beautiful child
    You have taught to love me
    And call me "Mema"

    I will love you always and forever

    © 2004-2005 Raven Lenore

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    Beautiful words Raven

    Happy Birthday Nick

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY...NICK...hang in Reeseo

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    Thank you very much Mom for the wonderful poem and for being such a great help during such a rough time. I don't think I could have made it 26 years through life without your guidance and love...
    <333333333333 Nick

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    I only saw this just now. I remember keeping in touch with you a time or two when Raven was so sick a while back. I'm glad you are doing ok...and I hope your birthday was fantastic!

    Take care and God bless, and many more happy years to come...

    Teena have such a WAY WITH WORDS...

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    I talked with your Mom and I hope that everything is going well for you.
    Raven, a belated Happy Mother's Day and thank you for sharing.


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    Thanks everyone for wishing my son a happy b-day. I did make him a small cake and dinner for that evening.
    (Yes, I am now doing more around the house. )

    He and Isis also went out a bit and had something else he had been wanting to eat. He loves to eat what we call "Chico's Tacos". They are made with some kind of chili sauce. You either dip them in it or pour it over the tacos. Ummm. Delicioso. I don't eat them much because I get heartburn when I do. I think Isis loves them too.

    Paul, thank you for wishing me a happy Mother's Day. My day was spent with him and Isis also. He planted some more flowers for me. He has been working in my garden almost daily every day. We got several rose bushes (Paradise and one orange one) We are also planting lots of lilies and varied flowers. Hopefully, we may have a better looking garden this year. Last year it was really neglected due to my sore. He tried to keep up with it and work also but it was very hard to do it. Maybe this year things will be better for us. Will try to stay away from the hospital this year. (Hopefully )

    Jim and Teena, written from the deepest part of my heart as you can tell. Thank you Reeso.

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