MURDERBALL Knocks Out Hollywood Bias; Spinal Cord Injury Bounces Back

WASHINGTON, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Spinal Cord Injury
Association (NSCIA) hosts a Washington, DC advance screening of the Sundance
Film Festival award-winning documentary MURDERBALL, about quadriplegic rugby,
Sunday, May 8, 2005; 6:00 PM; Mayflower Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Avenue, NW.
This "sneak preview" kicks-off the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Summit, "Facing
Issues, Creating Solutions(TM)" and the SCI Hall of Fame(TM).
"MURDERBALL is not the usual tale of pitiful woe generally popular in the
media," stated NSCIA CEO Marcie Roth. "In the wake of black-eye images
against life after spinal cord injury presented in Million Dollar Baby,
MURDERBALL brings home the GOLD. This is a refreshingly audacious full-court
expose about hard driving, competent individuals with SCI achieving dream
goals in sports, love and life."
MURDERBALL, will be released in theaters in July, and stars Mark Zupan,
real-life USA Rugby Team Captain. Zupan will attend and wrangle a lively Q&A
after the screening.