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Thread: On my anniversary....

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    On my anniversary....

    Today is the 2-year mark for me, and I just wrote this. Enjoy.

    It was two years ago,
    if you didn't know.
    Crash! Boom! Here came a truck.
    Don't ya know it was just my luck.
    I was in a wreck
    that broke my neck.
    Strong, smart, and still a babe
    The most of this is what I've made.
    So think of me on this day,
    and know my life didn't get away.
    And now I'm surrounded by family & good friends.
    Let us know this chair isn't my end.

    -Carrie Koch
    For a complicated girl, I'm not that hard to figure out...

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    Senior Member jack9166's Avatar
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    awesome poem Carrie..............keep keepin your head up.

    "Stand strong in the storms of life,The sun will always shine on you" Kid Rock

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    nice carrie. your spirit is contagious girl.

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    Cool poem Carrie

    ~~I went to heaven,but couldnt get in for what i had done.I said ''please take me'',they said your crazy,you had to much fun~~

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    That was a really cool poem.
    Ed, T-10 Complete Jan. 03'

    "For everyone who thought I couldn't do it, For everyone who thought I shouldn't do it, For everyone who said, 'It's Impossible." See you at the finish line!" -Christopher Reeve-

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    That was a freaking good poem, even my brothers from the hood liked it!!

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    @ cQc

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    Word Up Carrie

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    nice 1 year anniversary was just last week...

    hunker...where do you come up with these

    you can live an enjoyable life with SCI...but don't ever become content with it...

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    sweet poem curlie q. enjoyed it very much. keep on smiling, works for me.

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