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Thread: i did it!

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    Nov 2003
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    i did it!

    i slider board transfered into bed and undressed myself. i got positioned perfectly and even plugged in my chair. it took 2 1/2 hours but i did it with no help. i was all alone so i had to succede, failure would mean spending the night on the floor or worse.

    thanx to shaun for showing it can be done, and carrie without whom i would have wussed out. i couldn't tell a lil hottie i was gonna do it then turn chicken!

    'Those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither.' - Benjamin Franklin

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    right on dude!

    i bet the 2.5 hours will whittle away quickly. it took me 50 minutes to put my pants on the first time, now it's only 1 or 2.


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    way to go man


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    Awesome Cspine. What's next?

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    FANTASTIC C-spine!! You overcame a HUGE physical and mental challenge.


    Its better to beg forgiveness than ask permission!

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    i new u could do it, just had to want it . great
    alittle tip, put some babey powder on that board makes much easier to slide while your learning

    "Man is bound to follow the adventurous promptings of his scientific and inventive mind and to admire himself for his splendid achievements" Carl Jung

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    Fantastic. After I started to undress myself, dressing myself was the next goal. Reinforce your belt loops and the loops on your socks.

    Not waiting or depending on someone else is a great feeling.

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    Congrats Cspine.

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    Cpsine! Awesome dude! I told my mom "I'm a little worried one of my buds is lying on the floor in Texas, Mom." She looked at me crazy....but now I'll be happy to tell her you weren't! Yay, yay, yay!
    I am a complicated girl, but not hard to figure out....

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    I had to start with sweat pants but what about taking them off?

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