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Thread: I was asked to leave SAMS

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    I was asked to leave SAMS

    Hey guys, i need some advice on something that happened to me yesterday. First of all i am a walking quad 15 yrs post. I went to the SAMS Club store in the city where i live. I went there to buy a tv. I was there for about 20 minutes with my mother, she decided to go and find out how much here card limit was was. I followed behind on my segway practically crawling speed wise. i didnt go to far becuase i saw the video game rack, i stopped. Out of the corner of my eye i see this person walking tpwards me. It was a SAMS supervisor. He had a smile on his face and simply asked me to leave. I did a double take and asked what did you say and again he said you have to leave you cant be in here with that thing(Segway). I explained to him that I was disabled and that I couldnt waok that well much less that far. He said that they had wheelchairs available and that he could get me one. I suddenlt realized that SAMS is a distributor of the SEGWAY. I asked him if he was aware, he said yes but that they only sold them on there online site. I spent alot time, sweat, tears, and blood getting myself out of the wheelchar. I went to college graduated in the top of my class, i was fortunate to find fulltime employment and leave the social security check behind. This man and this company humilated me embarrased me and now i dont want to even go through a drive thru, it took me sooo long to get over the fear of going in public. Can anyone advice me as to what I may consider doing, i dont even know where to turn. I just know I feel very sad. Officially I have been asked to leave SAMS, which i did, and now i assume that i cant go into WALMART either. Both of these stores sell products like showere chairs, urinals, things that disabled people use. How am i suppossed to go in and buy these things if i'm going to be hassled like this. WALMART proclaims to help the disabled and handicapped but that wasnt the case yesterday. Help someone, i feel very wronged and overwhelmed. All adviced will be greatly appreciated.


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    Vic, it's not you. I would try hard not to take it so hard. The Segway is fighting an uphill acceptance battle. It's not even allowed on outdoor sidewalks in some cities. I wish it was accepted everywhere. Segways make a further case for ramps, elevators and other kinds of wheeled access.

    Dr. Young took his Segway to a student dinner last night and let some students and at least one dean give it a try. And he often shows off at open houses cruising around the hallways here. He has commuted to/from work on the segway many, many times.

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    Vic I am so sorry!

    I'd call the corporate office, or write, and let them know how you felt about this. Even if it is the store's policy not to allow the Segway inside, that needs to CHANGE. It's not like you are riding it in there for fun, or that you were being reckless. In this circumstance, just like a wheelchair is an extension of a person who needs it and should be respected as such, so should YOUR mode of mobility.

    So, I guess it's okay with SAM'S for a person to roll around the store as long as they are sitting and not standing!!

    Oh this makes me mad! Which store was it? I want to write a letter myself. I'm so TIRED of this kind of thing happening to people!

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    The problem is we live in a sue crazy world..and businesses are very vulnerable and are sued for everything imaginable..even if it isn't really their fault.

    It is rarely if ever the consumers fault.
    Sorry I know this from experience.

    Roller blades, skateboards, segways..well can become a huge liability for a business owner.
    If you happen to have a tile that is can be sued.

    Most large businesses provide modes of transportation for their handicapped patrons.
    They take on the liability of the approved modes..the segway, rollerblades, skateboards are not approved.

    Even if the user of the segway were to sign a release of any liability to the store owner..
    10 to 1 the consumer wins anyway.

    This is not a one-way street.
    Sure you could use it at your own risk..but what about the other 50 shoppers that the store is responsible for their safety also.

    The segway is NOT the safest..and when being used by someone with compromised physical functions..that raises the bar..and those that can walk..well can walk through a public place.

    As far as it's usage on a public street..well let the city fight that one out.

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    I think you should talk personally to the store manager and explain your situation,if the store manager doesn't give you a real answer or an apology,write a letter to a local tv station or radio station and explain all what you have described here.

    Good luck.

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    please bare with me here.......but what is a SEGWAY?

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    I think in this situation the Segway should be permitted because it enables Vic to shop more productively like "everyone else" can. I don't know how many times my loved one has come home from a store and told me that there was something he'd like to have looked at that was too high to reach from his chair and he could not find someone to get it for him, without spending forever and a day looking. Customer service is crap in most places these days.

    I don't think everyone should be allowed to ride a Segway in a store. Just people who need it. I'm sure that Vic is not zipping up and down aisles and pretending he's a Nascar driver. He's shopping. If he became a threat to himself or others by operating it recklessly, THEN he should be asked to leave. Just like ANYONE behaving recklessly should be asked to leave.

    As far as liability, I hate if for the business, and I've been a business owner myself, that is what insurance is for. Yes, the customer is usually going to win, but that is a risk one takes when one goes into business. A person should not be discriminated against because they must have a mobility aid, and because they choose one that works well for THEM. Who wants to shop sitting down, when they can stand? Who wants to push a wheelchair around a store, when they don't have to? It reminds me of so many times that restaurants have not wanted to seat us where WE wanted to sit, only because we had to go through a crowded room to get there. God forbid, anyone MOVE over to let us through. God forbid any walking person have to watch out for someone other than themselves in a store. It all goes back, to me, to putting the responsibility on the disabled person to humble themselves to second place. That is not right. Look out for me, I'm using a mobility aid, don't let me hurt you. I noticed someone used to do this a lot. Felt 'in the way' and let the world go ahead of him because he's in a chair. What are you doing, I asked, you GOT there first, you GO first! THEY can move for YOU!

    I'd feel much safer in a store with Vic on his Segway, than Granny in her motorized sit-n-shop, which IS allowed. I don't know how many times I've been in Wal-Mart or the grocery store and have come within inches of being mowed down by one of these devices. No one asked Granny to leave the store, nor would I want them to. It's the responsibility of ALL of us, to look out for eachother. Granny should have been paying better attention and I should have been on the look-out for any speeding Grannies lurking around.

    Also, in a standing position a disabled person is actually safer themselves than sitting, because they are more VISIBLE. I cannot count the times my loved one has been run into in his chair by someone who was in too big of a rush and as they sped by, looking straight ahead, just never SAW him until they almost fell on him.

    ~~~Honesty is the best policy~~~Treat others as you would like to be treated~~~Play hard, but play fairly~~~

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    Originally posted by abrooks:

    please bare with me here.......but what is a SEGWAY?

    ''I may not have gone where I intended to go, but sometimes I think I have ended up where I needed to be...''
    Segway Site


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    Guess we will have to agree to disagree on the George if you have the balance and function to use this device..well you can stand up from a wheelchair and get anything you need farther up on the shelves of just about any store.

    And a business has the right to refuse service to anyone..AB or not.
    I would think if the Segway in question was parked and an acceptable mode of mobility that was approved had been can continue to shop.

    The Segway is not a granny mobile.
    And many more AB will use it then handicapped will. Or should I say be able to use it.

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    Don't fight it on a local level.... go first to the headquarters and find out what their policy is..... because you already have the local answer....

    Our local walmart gave my wife permission to take the cart home with she can just push it in the van and go (of course bring it back next week when she shops) but that is a local manager who isn't an A-hole like this guy obviously was!

    Get word from a higher source then proceed back to store with paperwork in hand......

    standup wheelchair is no different from a sitting one,

    if all else fails there is always a news team around to do a special interest!! and they do not want to interupt cash flow with bad publicity...

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