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Thread: Did anyone receive GM-1 ganglioside (Sygen)?

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    Did anyone receive GM-1 ganglioside (Sygen)?

    The drug GM-1 ganglioside was an experimental drug for acute injury including stroke and spinal injury.

    I received this when I first got injured (1998)and was wondering if anyone else here has received it. I feel I am much further along than ever expected and was wondering maybe if this was to thank. The results of the study actually did not end up as promising as researchers had hoped. But I feel something helped me and was just wondering if anyone else experienced any positive results from the study.

    Even if you have not received this drug and know something about the results please post them because I'm having trouble finding anything dealing with it.

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    Possibly!..You'll have to help me here,is it some type of steroid this or that?.I was also injured in 98,and vaguely remember giving permission for them to try some type of treatment they were experimenting with at the time,but im not sure what it was.For some reason the only thing i remember from it was the word steroid..

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    Hi. I was in the study. Started in University of Albequrque, New Mexico. They followed me from 96 until I'd say 99? cant remember. I moved across the United States and they even came to visit. I do believe it helped me in physical return capabilities.

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    In a double-blind study of Sygen in 93. Which means I do not know whether I got a placebo, a full dose or mixed does. I am personally convinced I got at least a mixed batch. I'm supposed to be a C4-5-6, I am closer to the C7-8 on my right, and a c6-7 on my left. I have full biceps and tri's. The only thing I lack from being a para is grasp (fine motor movement) in my hands. I should not have half the movement I have. There was another guy in rehab with me in the same study. I think he started getting skin sensation below his injury, but I left rehab before him. I know the company was doing the research and got caught with embezzlement and fraud right after my last evaluation.


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    I received Sygen in 1997 when I was injured. I think it helped. I got more function/sensation back than I should have.

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    I was told my daughter received Sygen when she was injured in 1999. She's a T11 complete. I can't say that it did anything for her; they told me she was complete and she's stayed that way.

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