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Thread: locking knees

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    locking knees

    I build my son a standing frame he can stand up from his w/c with about 40% legs 60% arms.He can't seem to lock his knees?How can we teach him to lock knees? Thanks for any infro.

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    Is there a way you could build something to attach to the standing frame to brace his knees? Actually, I think most commercial frames have a padded support for the thigh (quadriceps) area right above the knees. Has anyone out there built (or had someone build) a standing frame? How did you handle this? (EMK)

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    Standing Frame


    I'm an L1 incomplete para with patchy feeling below the waist. My accident was 16 years ago and at the time some friends made me a standing frame. Although I've been lazy and not used it for some while I'm sure it was benificial for stretching and posture amongst many other things.

    To enable standing there are three straps, all padded with sheepskin. One at the base to fit behind the ankles, one just below the knees and one just below the hips. When I was using the frame, I've always had problems locking my knees, so there has been quite a lot of pressure on the knee strap. This has become uncomfortable after a short time. Other than even more padding I've not found a way round this problem.

    The point of this post is to highlight the extent of possible pressure in an area that maybe has no sensation.

    You just need to be aware and keep an eye on the skin.

    I'll be very interested in any other comments or helpful suggestions.


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