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Thread: Floor to chair transfer video...

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    Floor to chair transfer video...

    I've finally managed to do floor to chair transfers. I have been working on it at home because my PT said I wasn't strong enough to do it. I have been working out twice a week at PT along with my workout routine at home, so I'm sure that has helped.

    The week before the DC rally, I was on the livingroom floor stretching and lifting weights, and when I got done I tried my transfer and actually made it on the second try, although it took me a while. Now I've gotten to where I can do it without even tirng myself out.

    This isn't my best one, I was tired because I had been on the weights, and then it was the third time I had done the transfer because she kept messing up with the camera.

    First, here's the video of me getting on to the floor, it's a little sloppy since I was crammed between the two mats:
    Chair to floor transfer (1.8MB).

    And here's the floor to chair tranfer video:
    Floor to chair transver (1.5MB).

    BTW, I'm C8 complete injury.

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    Very impressive. I feel motivated to try learning these again.

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    Nice transfer. I've never seen someone do one facing towards the chair.

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    Nice. With a little practice, it looks doable for me. I'm a little higher (weak triceps, wrists, no hands), but I'm getting a little fearless now that I've got my bike.

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    Dang Dude, you made that look easy. I'm a T9 and have never been able to get up and down from the floor. I have not had any PT or much rehab.
    I am going to try it now that I have seen you do it.

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    very cool jim. ive never seen that technique either., great work

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    Nice job Jim. I'm sure you will inspire others to learn how to do that and to be more independent.


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    Thats awsome man!..I dont know if i could muster that or not,the gettin down is no problem,but that seems like it takes whole lot of tricep power to get back in..yes?

    I'll deffinately giver a shot though,thanks for the vid buddy

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    Not bad, done like a pro. Thanx for sharing the video.

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    Wow. Funny how people saying yo can't do something is the best motivator...Good job, Jim. Your pants didn't even fall down!

    "...I mean the wheelchair would be a thing in the past
    And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx

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