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Thread: A comic book character called "Stem Cell"

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    A comic book character called "Stem Cell"

    LIVEWIRES #6 (of 6)
    Written by ADAM WARREN
    Penciled by RICK MAYS
    Cover by ADAM WARREN
    The end is HERE, as the Livewires' doomed assault on an airborne black project spirals down to a thoroughly disastrous finale. Death and destruction abound as hordes of enemy mecha close in on a weaponless, defenseless Stem Cell who, in turn, is frantically trying to hack herself, to reformat and reboot her A.I. mind and robotic body, as time runs out.
    32 PGS./T+ Suggested for Teens and Up ...$2.99

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    Comic books have always been pretty good at telling of future events. IE: Flash Gordon and that genre.

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