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Thread: Quality of sperm??

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    Quality of sperm??

    I'm a C-5,6 walking quad, 2 years post. I can ejaculate on my own w/ a lot of concentration. It seems thst my sperm can be chunky (little balls of gel)at times... & other times it looks normal. Could this be a prostate problem? Hormonal? Any one else have this problem?

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    Angus, I believe the consistency of semen varies not only from one guy to another, but it can vary from one ejaculation to the next with a partivular guy. The semen is made up of several fluids and how it looks or how much 'spurts out' doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the sperm count or it's motility. I'm sure one of the SCI-Nurses have more detailed info on it. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you're concerned, you can always have a specimen analyzed.


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    I could go into all the details of the formation of sperm and the fluids it travels in to the point of ejaculation, but I think you would probably find it boring. Suffice it to say that Scorpion is correct in that ejaculate can have a different appearance from one time to the next. This can depend on fluid intake and numerous other things that change in your body daily. If your ejaculate would appear to have blood in it or be rusty in color, then I would have it checked out. But small changes in otherwise normal looking ejaculate are probably normal for most men. (EMK)

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    My sperm was semi normal for years however in the past year or so it has been rusty colored. What does that mean? I have ejaculated four times in the past year on two different occasions. First time, both occasions rusty colored but then second time not so bad. Its a little frightening. Im C-6/C7. Thank you.

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    btw, injured in 1991. thanks!

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    Your semen is rust colored, not the sperm. This is normal in men with SCI. If you want to know if you are fertile, as semen analysis is needed.


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