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Thread: stairs?

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    Does anyone with a manual chair have a method or piece of equipment to go up and down a number of stairs?

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    Sterling Stairlift. Kind of slow, but its for elderly people, primarily. Work well, though.

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    Check this out;

    looks like the jimmy jam to me


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    I suggest you set up a home eval with your local dealer. Some lifts require you to transfer while others don't, depending on how much room you have. I use an Inclinator lift, transfer model, and have had good results. It was $3100 installed... soup-to-nuts.


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    I was actually thinking more of the temporary kind - the kind that you could use for emergencys and be portable. I am sorry that I wasn't clearer in my first message.

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    Other than a lift, I'm not sure about the upward part. But for getting down, check out

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