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Thread: Need some feedback

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    Need some feedback

    Have been trying to update and fix some pages on my site. Am really behind on these pages since I had not done any work on it from the time I had the problem with the bedsore. Hope some of you will check out my site and see the changes. Am also interested in what you all may think about what I posted in the homepage plus the one with the link .. "About Raven". Please give me any suggestions or ideas on it. I would love to hear what they may be.

    The link is here.


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    I can't offer any critique as i am not web savvy. It looks good!

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    really liked the site,artwork is beautiful
    and medical info i found very informative.

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    Raven: You know that I always thought highly of your website, and I really like the new changes that include the mouse comet trails, and the fade from one site to the next. However, I can only give you 9 points out of 10 because the screens "Images" and "Hep C" are difficult to read, as the lettering and backgrounds are so similar on each. Thanks for sharing, and it sounds like your pressure sore is getting better. If you feel like talking, let me know and I'll give you a call. Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks for your comments.

    I'm trying to fix both sites but ran into some problems since I couldn't remember my password for my hep site.

    Last nite I found it on my old e mail. Things have been hectic here since we are using two pcs. One is my son's and the other one is mine. My son's is hosting other sites and mine is off for the time being until he can get a monitor for his. He is using my monitor for his so therefore my pc is on standby.

    I have already fixed the problem on the homepage for the site on Hep C so it is visible now if you are interested in finding out more on it. The poems on it are not working at the moment but as soon as I can they will be up and working for you to read and view. The poetry site is doing a bit better than the hep C one I think.

    Hope you all keep going back and let me know if you see anything I am missing out on. Ok?

    Thanks for being patient with me and lots of hugs to you Paul. I appreciate that you let me know of the site's problem. Call me anytime you like, I enjoy talking with you. Have missed our chats.

    As for the bedsore ... well, it has finally closed but I am trying my best not to over do the sitting up for a while. Don't want to go through the same thing all over again. Once was enough. Whew!


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