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Thread: Accessible Baby Crib (w/pics)

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    Accessible Baby Crib (w/pics)

    After I found out that my wife was pregnant I was tasked with making an accessible crib that was seamless to use and safe for the baby. I didn't have much luck finding any info on accessible baby cribs so I thought I'd post my solution for others.

    I made two swinging doors by cutting the one piece sliding side in two and tweaking some of the existing brackets. I added a support brace near the bottom of the doors and built a small channel for them to sit in. Next was designing the locking latch. I used a piece of 3" aluminum channel for the latch, with a 45 degree cut on one end and a magnetically operated lock that I purchased from either Home Depot or Lowes (I forget). It's super easy to use, safe and sturdy.

    To use it I just unlock it with the magnet, pivot the channel, lift up on the door about 1/4" to remove it from the lower channel and it's open.

    Here are some pics...


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    Inside the latch with the lock engaged


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    Inside the latch with the lock disengaged. Notice the white cylinder shaped magnet on top of the channel


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    That is brilliant...simply go get a patent attorney...quick! But until then, don't let your local child protective state or county agency anywhere near todays world they would probably have something negative to report. Best of Luck with the little one, too!

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    Thanks for the kind words


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    awesome work!
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    That is seriously awesome and should seriously should patent it! For real!
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    Great work! And congrats on the little one!

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