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Thread: Accessible Baby Crib (w/pics)

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    Just thought I'd bring this thread back to life because I have been waiting to share this with someone who could benefit from this simple mod which allows the crib rail to be easily removed on many common crib designs. The channel cut into the track at the yellow arrow is the trick. I used it for two years when staying home to care for my duaghter without problems. Please send me a pm for specifics. I also fabricated a latch where the green circle is to keep the rail from falling over while it is resting against the crib.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon
    After I found out that my wife was pregnant I was tasked with making an accessible crib that was seamless to use and safe for the baby. I didn't have much luck finding any info on accessible baby cribs so I thought I'd post my solution for others.

    I made two swinging doors by cutting the one piece sliding side in two and tweaking some of the existing brackets. I added a support brace near the bottom of the doors and built a small channel for them to sit in. Next was designing the locking latch. I used a piece of 3" aluminum channel for the latch, with a 45 degree cut on one end and a magnetically operated lock that I purchased from either Home Depot or Lowes (I forget). It's super easy to use, safe and sturdy.

    To use it I just unlock it with the magnet, pivot the channel, lift up on the door about 1/4" to remove it from the lower channel and it's open.

    Here are some pics...

    nice design! one additional idea for you would be to put the mattress & mattress frame on some type of rollers so it could be pulled out a little ways over your wife's lap for better reaching access. just a thought.

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    This is just the idea I have been looking for. Once I'm done with this deployment I need to mod a crib so my wife can use it for our expected little one.

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    It's been awesome. All three of my kids used it and it's still intact!

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