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Thread: Getting up after a fall

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    Getting up after a fall

    I just got to wondering how does everyone handle getting up after a fall. After I do, It takes me a bit to get on my hand's and knee's, then if there is nothing to hold onto really sturdy, I can't get up. I almost alway's have to have help.

    Even though I can walk, the way my toes are curved under really makes it hard with helping to get up. And I can't put any weight on my knee's

    Anybody else care to share their experiences??


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    Hey Doug - the trick is not to fall (someone had to say it). I can't get up at all without holding onto something steady. At night while watching TV I get on the floor and do ROM and stretching. I crawl to the door if the cat needs to go in or out, etc. I don't have any problem with putting weight on my knees. But when it's time to get up I've got to have my walker or a chair to lean on.

    If my memory is right you've had a few broken bones - were those from falls?


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    use the cane

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    I dont..

    ~~If it feels good do it even if ya shouldnt,dont let people mess you around~~

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    Instead of trying to get up off your knees..which my knees don't bend far enough
    to do this..get next to a wall, tree, car wheel whatever is available.

    Get into a sitting position..and use the wall
    to get balance and pull yourself up on your cane. I do it with two crutches so that is much simpler.

    We are ever so fortunate to have upper body I use it to the maximum.

    You also must learn to view your route before taking it. This is second nature to me now..and have avoided many, many situations that would have meant meeting the pavement.

    It's also very important to keep your weight in close to what's appropriate for you body as possible.

    Is there anything available in your particular situation that might help to straighten your toes..I know it's either permanently curled..or permanently straight..but you might want to contact a good ortho and get some options.
    Even the correct shoe is important..and splinting at night can slow down curvatures.
    Archaic but it does work to some extent.

    Of course you can't always be in splints so
    other alternatives have to be looked into.

    Good luck.

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    well Mike I had 11 broken ones with my accident if that count's. but Oh My knee's It's hard to explain how it feel's but after I get on them I can't move. I have tried getting and sitting next to a wall once but something about my back, feel's like it's pulling loose,

    Shaun you have never fell??
    Guess I am just clumsy as hell!!

    I am over wieght and trying to get it down to the right proportion. It's just if I happen to snag the smallest object with one of my feet, I going down. it's the balance thing and it does have to do with my toes being curved.

    I have checked about getting somthing to put under my toes to straighten them out, But My Dr. says NO because I'm fighting diabetes.

    Thanks everybody for your input!!

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    Originally posted by duge:

    Shaun you have never fell??
    Guess I am just clumsy as hell!!

    You asked how ''does everyone handle getting up after a fall'',not if you fall.I fall way to much,what i meant was when i fall i dont/cant get back up..

    ~~If it feels good do it even if ya shouldnt,dont let people mess you around~~

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    i just yell until someone finds me and helps me get my butt back up into my chair, can't do it on my own.

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    Before when I was younger and stronger if I fell in the van I could get into power seat and raise it back up to w/c level. In my house, I would crawl into bed face first using the locked chair to assist. At my parent's house, from floor to my dad's recliner to my chair. Now I crawl to a phone and call someone and after they finish laughing they pick me up.

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    My husband does this VIDEO either with the brakes on or someone holding onto his chair. Watch video number one, the other ones are different.



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