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Thread: Dr. Young is it true only 12 students in wheelchairs attend Rutgers?

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    There is much work to be done, and many of the current animal therapies would likely have been in human use by now if an infrastructure like the CRPA had been in place. As one example, Hydrogel would likely be in regular human use by now in acutes and chronics.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbob
    Some cures I was told will come without the need for ESC
    Good job. Keep that in mind.

    but where there is neuron damage at present most possible conceivable solution would be ESC.
    No argument.

    Also, I learned that too often efficacy was based on mobility, now more clinical trials will also be rated on bowel and bladder, breathing, wrists fingers, etc I hope I understood correctly, if not hopefully Dr. Young will jump in and add his thoughts.
    Correct. Based on survey results of injured people, researchers are learning that we want the incremental improvements until the full cure arrives and that the incremental improvements will boost our quality of life by a good bit.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbob
    Mary, I don't think you and I are going to have a fight again. You have gained my trust. I mean that. For now anyway

    I remember when you were doing that, and if I recall you were concerned about either the hostility on the web-site, or some kids that hi-jacked the chat room. I don't think it's such a bad idea to take the knowledge and direction from CareCure and document it into a course offered at a University. Sometimes the web-site is too noisy, don't you agree?

    BigBob you are scaring me!!! The world is chaos man....CareCure is going to be huge and it needs to be. We need to keep our minds to putting stuff out there that is worth thinking about and worth reading. We need to continue to make people understand this SCI is hell....I have it in me to stand in the gap..thats my new thought...(actually I think I stole that phrase from some Christian Man organization). As individuals we need to sharpen our own focus..and for me it means....helping certain rappers get their message out, talking to ladies in the morning who are wonderful and I have come to love, and reminding JEFF to send me that wheelchair junk and a consent form so I can advocate his case to the insurance company for NO FEE ...(sucka mary)

    I have been awfully quiet of late Bob...and you still think its noisy????

    I think the world is loud and people with SCI need to be louder. IF someone is not a leader than they should pick one here to follow. Build and rebuild and remember that in the end....someone HAS to walk again. There...I made some is everyone while I have to paint my kitchen huh???

    Oh and stepladders and ladies with impaired proprioception on one side do not mix. OWWWWWWWW......

    Seriously if you want to design education for SCI PM me...we can talk about it.

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    this has a lot of views because its a train wreck
    cauda equina

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    Not so different a situation from the hurricane-the rich send their kids to out of state schools and the poor just lay hopeless. College ed would give them a better life.
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    Don't ignore the Reeve Legacy, Remember he and Dana supported open research and fought hard for ESCR


    Support H.R. 810

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    Thumbs down

    First, Doug will direct his Commissioner of Education to investigate ways that people with disabilities can be made a part of regular classroom experiences to enrich everyone’s learning experience. National associations providing advocacy for people with disabilities note that only New Jersey does worse than any other State when it comes to integrating people with disabilities into appropriate settings.The integration of people with disabilities into appropriate settings is not only essential for the advancement of people with disabilities, but it better helps children without disabilities understand their peers, neighbors, and friends and prepare for a lifetime of understanding”
    Doug Forrester currently is running for governor of NJ
    To all the posters that ridiculed me, now you can start picking on Forrester too.
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    Don't ignore the Reeve Legacy, Remember he and Dana supported open research and fought hard for ESCR


    Support H.R. 810

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    BTW, would you trust a State to run ESC research with such a notorious title as the worst state in the nation when it comes to integrating people with disabilities?
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    Don't ignore the Reeve Legacy, Remember he and Dana supported open research and fought hard for ESCR


    Support H.R. 810

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    For sure Rutgers now has the person with the tools to increase the amount of students in wheelchairs attending Rutgers.


    It is with mixed feelings that I have resigned, effective February 15, 2004, from my position as Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services.
    Serving as Commissioner has been an incredible challenge and a great opportunity. Every day there was an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and we did that. But it had been my goal and dream for some time to work in the academic realm, and that opportunity has became available.
    In March 2004, I will begin working as Director of the New Jersey Urban Development Project at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, where I will help shape state and local urban development policy.******

    No more excuses
    Don't ignore the Reeve Legacy, Remember he and Dana supported open research and fought hard for ESCR


    Support H.R. 810

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