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Thread: New York City

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    New York City

    So I'm traveling to New York for an interview in three weeks. It is an interview for a five year math teaching fellowship in downtown manhattan. needless to say i'm a bit nervous. mostly intimidated by the size of the city, traveling on a plane there, and getting around in the city. any advice for a first-time (post-sci) traveler and any advice on the city itself would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot.


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    avoid the freaking subways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not stress that enough. just ask jack9166 about all the hassles we had with the subway. many tears were shed our first time there. we got stuck on a platform and no way to get out of the subway!

    enjoy new york. it was fun and ask the"who let the quads out" crew where to go get some barbecue.

    also all the busses are supposed to be accessible but many wont stop if they see you at their spot. best bet is, get in shape and wheel it, or take a taxi. those trunks are enormous and can accomadate 2 chairs.

    good luck and enjoy the trip, oh and if you can swing and extra couple hours, go see dr. wise's lab in new jersey. (short train ride and then short taxi) it is soooooooooooooo amazing! and what an amazing man he is.

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    what hotel are u staying at?

    Where's the interview?

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    my level is around C6, i'm pretty capable in a manual chair.

    the interview is downtown, on Fifth ave.

    do you have any suggestions on hotels? I don't need anything fancy, it's only 2 or 3 nights. i also can get a reimbursment for the hotel to a certain price.


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    I've not stayed at a NYC hotel. I am there a few times a week though. Can you be more specific.downtown is big....below 34th Street?

    Will you be traveling alone?

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    the office is between 17th and 18th street, one block from union square.

    i'm hoping to not have to travel alone...hauling a bag seems like a pain. i think my dad will come with me.

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    First thing: deep breath. It'll be fine.

    Search the message board for advice about flying and travelling in general. There have been some really great, detailed posts on what to bring and how to manage stuff like B&B.
    Take a cab from the airport. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Heh.

    There's a bunch of people on this board who either live in/around or have visited NYC, so You'll get lots of good advice, but if you have specific questions, feel free to ask me directly ( I live and in Manhattan. It's pricey, but I love it! It's 180 degrees from SoCal, so get ready to see stuff you never thought you'd see. That's half the fun! As far as the people: they may seem like pricks to you at first, but here's the big secret: they're the nicest people. They just try to act super-busy all the time 'cause that's what's cool here - go, go, go, and do, do, do! Actually, I take comfort in the fact that there are people everywhere 24/7. I'm very independent, but if I've ever needed help, there has always been a willing stranger around. Cabbies are usually nice about putting your chair in the trunk after a transfer, etc. 'Course it's always nicer to travel with friends/family for that stuff.

    NYC's not wheelchair heaven but it's totally do-able. Union square is close to Greenwich Village, Washington Square, and NYU, so it's a cool part of town. I agree with Becky - subway's not the best form of transport. If you wanna take it just for the experience, there ARE some stations with elevators (including the Union Square station). Go to the website ( and plan your trip carefully. Otherwise, just take cabs or roll. You don't have to go far to find cool stuff - you could spend a month within a 5-block radius of Union Square and never see the same thing twice. Hit the gym, man because your arms will be burnin' by the end of a day of sightseeing. There are great restaurants around there (accessible, even!) - Union Square Cafe, Cafe Spice (indian), choshi (sushi), La Mela in little italy (guess). There's this really cool show called "De La Guarda" right there as well. I can't describe it except to say it's like going to the craziest party you've ever seen for 1 hour. It's "standing room only" and level-access (via the stage door) so all the walkies will be jealous of you by the end of the show!

    Hmm . . . what else - spend time in Central Park! Go down to the south end of the island and check out the Statue of Liberty, South Street Seaport. Times square, of course. Chinatown (but definitely take a buddy there - it can be a challenge in a chair).

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    There are not a lot of hotels around Union Square (the Chelsea area) and the ones that come up from are kinda pricey. There were a couple (like the Ramada New Yorker Hotel) around 34th St. I suggest that you ask the people that you're seeing where to stay since they know what the budget is too. New York is great and you should see part of the city while you're here. As previously said, stay away from the subways, but the buses are definitely OK. Taxis work (especially from the airports) , but are relatively expensive. Check the Travel Forum for "flying" suggestions and for NYC info too! New York in the winter will be a real shock for a Southern California person. If your father can come that should be a great help.
    Good luck,

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    you may be able to try price, however i think if you need a accessible room/bath/shower
    they dont guarantee that. 3 weeks from scheduled stay is the best time to start bidding , from what i have read bid about half of the advertised internet rates.. but if your going to be reimbursed , you may do better straight up with guaranteed room

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    Call the hotel you'll be staying at and "block" your room (if you're looking for a roll-in shower)

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