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Thread: Car fire....Whats your plan?

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    Car fire....Whats your plan?

    I was drivin home lastnight after a night at the Casino with a a couple friends,and all of sudden my van filled up with smoke.A buddy in the back tracked it down to an Amp ive got mounted under the rear seat and took care of it...but it got us thinkin...What if i was alone?

    What would/could you do if happen to you?...The more wires and electronics we have in our vehicles the greater the risk.I know it doesnt happen all that often but it happens...

    Would you bail out the drivers door?...what if you drive from your chair?..
    Would you transfer and a make a break for it?...What if the lift doesnt work because some wires have melted through?...or do you just not think about it and roll along...

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    Depends on where the fire is. If fire is up front(engine/dash) I'd see if power to xfer seat works, get to chair and bail out, manually deploying ramp if need be.

    If no power or fire in back like yours, I'd just have to bail out the driver door and pull myself away, hope I'm not in traffic. Weird thing, for some reason my street side sliding door is smaller than the curb side one so my chair won't fit thru it. Otherwise I would try an open it and pull/push my chair out to have with me.

    Being a para gives me some more options of course.


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    I drive a car, so bailing out of the driver's side door would be easy. In a van, I'd still bail out through the driver's side door. A few broken bones is better than burning alive.

    Now if I were in a van, and it was just smoke, not flames and there were time I probably would try to get out the ramp.

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    thats a scary thought..i also have a sound system in my van..Do you know what caused your amp to start smoking/catch fire?

    I have a small fire extinguisher in the back but that wouldnt do me any good if I was alone...I guess if my electric door/ramp wouldnt work Id try to open the sliding door on the other side and just gun my chair out of it and hope for the best.

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    Originally posted by abrooks:

    Do you know what caused your amp to start smoking/catch fire?
    Not completely sure..It was a second hand older amp,wired into a newer system..but im no stereo expert...

    When your drivin a from your chair,would you be able to bail out the drivers door?

    ~~I knew a lady who came from Duluth,bit by a dog with a rabid tooth,she went to her grave just a little to soon and flew away howlin on the yellow moon~~

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    Shaun, most times when MY van fills up with smoke, I just make the boys in the back put the bong down for a while!

    I've thought about it before and it all depends on where the fire is, like McD said. While I'm still in the seat I'd see if my side door would open and I'd try to unfold the left. If they worked then I'd do a quick transfer, ride the lift down and if it didn't work then do a nice swan dive off the end!

    If exiting that way isn't a possibility, then the driver doors swings open and my butt's gone!

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    keep driving and head for a fire dept?

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    I would hook up my Cath extention tube and hose it down

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    Shaun thanks for making me think. My newly modified van arrives this week and I'm installing a small fire extinguisher within reach of the drivers seat - thanks to this post!

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    dive out the door,

    i had a fuel filter changed on my first van, mechanic didnt put hose clamp back on tight kept thinkn i smelled gas but figured he just spilled some on motor while changing filter,

    anyhow was driving through a underpass in okc at night all sudden huge flash of fire sounded like a gernade went off under the hood flames flew out the sides under the fenders and inside the van around the engine cover. truck next to me nearly ran off road i was nearly deaf but i just gassed on it some more figured if it was gona burn i was atleast gettn outa that underpass didnt wana get both burnt & ran over

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