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Thread: Is Neoprene a slick material?

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    Is Neoprene a slick material?

    I need a seat cover for my van that is slick so when I transfer my clothes don't stick like they do on the cloth seats i have now.

    I saw this neoprene and like the water resistant properties but does anyone know if it's slicker than cloth?
    Are there any other choices for slick seat covers? Thanks!!
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    No, from my experience, neoprene is a rubbery surface (picture a wet suit for diving).

    My mom made me a cover out of nylon ripstop - windbreaker material. It just covered the seat bottom. You don't want the seat back slippery if you have any balance issues .... it would make it harder to stay in place on sharp turns.
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    No, neoprene is like a wet suit, and would make it difficult to slide unless it is nylon coated on one side. I would recommend either real leather seats or seat covers, or rip-stop type nylon if you want something really slick. Consider real sheepskin too, as it is antifriction because it is easy to slide across.


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