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    Rollx vans

    We recently got in touch with Rollx Vans about purchasing a used van from them. Does anyone here have any personal experience dealing with Rollx and wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks

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    Gladly!! We are on our second Rollx van. Got the first one in 2000, everything manual. Just got the second in August. I love it. Power everything. We did have a problem with the ramp not wanting to work. They drove down here (about 5 hours) took the van for less than a week and brought it back fixed. We still had our old van so we used that one but if we would have needed one, they would have brought us one to use. The problem was caused because we didn't get the kneeling system and it kept thinking there was one that wasn't working right. I have been more that happy with both the vans we have gotten and the service we have received. I would highly recommend Rollx.

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    We have a 2001 Rollx Grand Caravan. I don't get out much, so it certainly isn't stressed from use, but the service people have always been easy to talk with and helpful (and they did come here when needed.)


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    Angry rollx vans

    its very hard to get a loan spent three weeks tryin to get the loan with their bank !!!
    got the van just waiting for all the paper work !!
    I hope you have better luck than we did !

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    We have owned two Rollx vans. We have had pretty good luck with them and we travel a lot--our current van was purchased new in March 2004 and we have nearly 105,000 miles on it.

    Their manufacturing facility in Savage, Minnesota is only about 5 mi. from my house which, of course, works out really slick for us. Regardless of the proximity, though, most issues can be diagnosed and fixed with a phone call.

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    Got a used 88 ford 150 in 1999 they are great to work with my mom & sister drove up to get it & they (rollx) found a problem with it & sent a loaner with them & they (rollx) drove it to my house 2 weeks later when it was fixed still using it to this day.

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