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Thread: Good movie where the main Character is a Quad due in Feb

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    Good movie where the main Character is a Quad due in Feb

    It is called "Rory O'shea was here" I just saw the review on TV, it looks real good. Here is a link with photos and the trailer Here

    And there are a few full reviews here

    I believe the film has already been out in the UK and did very well. It is due in California Feb 2 and the rest of the country in March.

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    looks good to me too, but I wonder how it will do in the theaters

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    In the USA it probabley will not do very well in the Theaters, We tend to like for the most part unrealistic fight scenes, violence and super intense drama in this country.

    I was kind of shocked when I went to see "million dollar baby" yesterday, there was a guy sitting alone in the front of the screen (I would say around 50 years old or so) and when the main character became a quad he was laughing out loud histerically. I yelled out to him "What the F@$#@$# is so funny?"

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    ya, i'm debating if i really want to see that movie(mdb) in the theater. i'm sure i'll get some weird looks when the movie is over.

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    Apparently this movie was released overseas last year under the title "Inside I'm Dancing". I think you can rent it from netflix or anywhere else that rents imports or foreign films. It looks good.


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    There's also a very good movie showing at Sundance currently entitled "Murder Ball" - referring to quad rugby. Should be released early spring.

    The reviews have been excellent.

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    As with most foreign films, this one is set to play only in the art theaters, so is unlikely to be a commercial hit. The trailers look intriging...I definately plan to see it.


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    I also saw a review on "Rory O'Shea" this weekend and thought it would be worth a watch after the good reviews it got.


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    According to Netflix, the DVD release date is unknown. Also, the characters are not SCIed so there might be a different message than we cure-concious folk want to hear.


    Rory O'Shea Was Here (2004)
    Inside I'm Dancing

    Although he's handicapped by muscular dystrophy, Rory O'Shea (James McAvoy) refuses to surrender to the desperation of his life and instead embraces the potential in every day. When he moves into the Carrigmore Home for the Disabled and befriends the deeply bored Michael (Steven Robertson), a man suffering from cerebral palsy, Rory infuses his pal's life with renewed hope even as he struggles with his own demons.

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