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Thread: Im so sticky...oh so sticky...

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    Just out of curiosity,i know i cant be the only cluts droppin stuff on himself.Whats the messiest thing youve dumped on YOURSELF? Quad or Para what have you dumped in your lap that just wrecked your day?
    I don't have SCI; I have CP, but I think I am nonetheless qualified to answer this one.

    Cat litter. New and used.

    I can walk on crutches, and have tried a variety of methods: sitting in WC, standing on crutches, sitting on floor, etc. It doesn't matter. I WILL spill it somewhere on ME. Spazzes shouldn't attempt to change kitty litter, period. It's too risky. Maybe it's the stench, and it's just too distracting to my already-overtaxed synapses. At any rate, I now get my stepdaughter to come over here and do it.

    As a kid, it was koolaid, which at least smells nicer, but was pretty sticky, too.

    Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.-- Søren Kierkegaard

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    Originally posted by Shaun:

    3rd degree burns!..OOOOOUUUUUUUCH Ive got a 6inch piece foam wrapped in wool i always put on my lap before i even think of touching a kettle full of water or anything hot...
    damn soup.
    didnt somebody here have a tag that said "no soup for you"?

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    Dude, you know you were thinking about this weeks ago.

    Who you foolin.



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