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Thread: Im so sticky...oh so sticky...

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    Im so sticky...oh so sticky...

    So yet another day in Quadsville dropping schite upon thyself....

    So up i get to greet the day....First order of business is a cup tea,as do so enjoy a cup o tea in the mornin...So now its time to sweeten the tea,my sweetener of choice...HONEY...Not the tub of hard im the squeeze bottle of soft honey kinda man..

    Now ive been removing the little screw cap on top with my teeth for about week now,not noticing that the bigger lid that the cap sits on has been slowly turning to..Today as im taking the cap off,the big lid is turning its final few threads off instead..i try to give the lil cap a comes the big lid...AND I DROP THE HONEY..and of course its upside down...Ive got honey running down my chest,its upside down in my lap,everytime i try to grab it im spewing honey everywhere,down my legs,all over my hands an arms,stomach,chair,cushion....So as my make my way the shower,i look behind me and im trailing honey everywhere...and theres my dog...smiling at me my floor..


    ~~I knew a lady who came from Duluth,bit by a dog with a rabid tooth,she went to her grave just a little to soon and flew away howlin on the yellow moon~~

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    At least it's not summer, the ants would have a field day!


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    Just out of curiosity,i know i cant be the only cluts droppin stuff on himself.Whats the messiest thing youve dumped on YOURSELF? Quad or Para what have you dumped in your lap that just wrecked your day?

    ~~I knew a lady who came from Duluth,bit by a dog with a rabid tooth,she went to her grave just a little to soon and flew away howlin on the yellow moon~~

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    shaun,,,even when im havin the worst of days,,,i read one of your posts and whamo im gonna ask jim what his messiest memory is,
    oh yeah and shaun,,,hope u have a better day


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    Shaun, do you want complete honesty from anyone, including those of us whose injuries have yet to incapcitate us to a degree the general public could recognize?

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    By far the nastiest thing I've dropped on myself is a very runny poopy diaper! Gotta love kids

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    Just so you know, SCI's aren't the only ones with issues. When I was about 11, I bought a bottle permenent blue-black ink. Liquid, screw cap PERMENENT ink. My mother found it and told be to throw it away (duh). Being 11 years old, I, of course, did not throw it away. Instead, one Sunday morning I got the bright idea to try and refill a ball point pen cartridge with this stuff... It was on my floor, my hands, my white furniture, my clothes. SO, I rush to the bathroom to wash it off me and find that soap only spreads this stuff. NOW its all over the white sink, as well.
    Sure, mom. Threw that right in the trash....

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    Shaun, this was not the messiest thing, but one evening i was boiling a pot of water. i proceeded to remove it from the stove i had weeds or something boiling in there. Lo and behold the old handle decides to break as i have it directly above my lap.Ohoooooo. At that point i was thanking God i was a para and couldn't feel it, the thoughts and spasms were enough.I scampered out the door and headed for the hospital. I lost some skin, but am wiser for the experience..that was in 1987,man don't want to dwell on that thought long....

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    oh so sticky, and witty and wise.

    Your dog is going to be ever so chubby or a diabetic if you keep it up.

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    Thanks God for our little four-legged hoovers. Mine sure does a good job cleaning up after me!

    And Murrey I did the same thing back in the 80's. Had taken a pan of boiling water off the stove, set it on the table, turned my chair and the sleeve of my flannel shirt hooked the handle, dumping it into my lap. Went to the Dr. that afternoon, he wrapped it up, said to leave it on for a week then take it off.

    Well, a week went by, I tried to take off the bandage and it was stuck to my leg. Call the Dr. and he's on vacation! Ended upo at the ER where they basically said my Dr. was an idiot! It was my last visit to see him and I refused to pay the bill too.

    Shaun, I'm not sure what the messiest spill was. I've certainly had my share of everything!

    "You can't fall off the floor!"

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