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Thread: What about Reality T.V.?

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    What about Reality T.V.?

    You know there is every Reality TV show under the sun.... Lets get CBS, ABC, NBC, of FOX and have a Reality TV show on folks that us wheelchairs or that have SCI...
    Just a thought??????

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    And the winner will get $1,000,000,00, and we can call it "Rollin in Dough"


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    Jimmy that's hysterical, thanks for the laugh

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    good idea mike, it would definately be different then any other reality show. speaking about reality tv, did you hear that there's going to be a show that a girl is going to pick a guy to give his sperm to her. heard it on jay leno the other day. what the hell is tv coming to

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    I always thought The Amazing Race would be kind of interesting from the disabled point of view...12 teams of two,with at least one person being SCI or whatever,but wheelchair bound...

    Or what about like a UFC or Pride fighting on Pay per view...Will hold it in a parking lot,set it up tournment style and winner take all for his favourite Cure charity...or not

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    The Amazing Bowel Program.


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    there was a mtv show about young people in wheelchairs. it was very good one boy was going to collage and one young girl was learning to drive. they showed her going out to bars and she met a guy there. this show was on last year. they even showed the girl cath. her self. true life stories just to show every one what we go threw every day did any one see it ?anty

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    I have been writing a few ideas about this,I am trying to plan something and reasearching for sponsorships for developing "Life from the Wheelchair"

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    how bout:



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    how about "Wheels of Justice"

    episode one "Parking permit required"

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