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Thread: Anyone try this cushion?

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    Anyone try this cushion?

    It's called Isch-Dish {I think}. I'm currently using both High and Low profiles {at different times, of course} but, I'm thinking of giving this one a try.
    Oh, do cushion companies allow you to "test drive" their products to make sure it's right for you?

    Thank you.

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    A good seating clinic will have a wide variety of cushions and can place you on several different ones while measuring your computerized seating pressures to see which one is best for you. There is no one best cushion for everyone.

    I would recommend not going to a vendor or single manufacturer to get a cushion fitting. Find a clinic or therapist who has no vested interest in any specific product.


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    Go Roho

    I use a ROHO air cushion myself. However, the chickster on the cover of New Mobility is sitting on an "isch dish." I suppose you have to try it out and see if it works for you.

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    incase you're still wondering Andrea - I love the isch-dish, it's so good for my skin, highly recommend it! I've used jay, roho, and the airpulse but isch-dish is working best for me.

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