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Thread: New year's resolutions

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    New year's resolutions

    So what's it gonna be?

    I'm gonna start treating myself to the little things i usually overlook. like cooking myself a good meal instead of a d/t burger, buying the skin lotion that smells nice, taking the time to put on some music and sit in the sun just to do it. stuff like that.

    ''When I am empty please dispose of me properly.''

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    more sex

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    Spend less time on this damn computer, and spend more time with my family.


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    Im gonna stop taking everything so seriously.Im going to start smoking,stop exercising,gain weight and introduce a lot more endangered species into my diet...

    ~~I wish you a hopeful christmas,i wish you a brave new year,i wish for all pain and sadness, leave all hearts and let there roads be clear~~

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    get myself into trouble

    "Follow your bliss"

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    Come one has any New Years resolutions?

    ~~I reject your reality and substitute my own~~

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    I always resolve not to make any New Years resolutions. If something is important enough for me to change, I don't need humanity's arbitrary calendar designation of cosmic spinning and revolving to get me to do it. Besides, if you think Pope Gregory was full of shit when he eliminated that two week period back a few hundred years ago, then New Years is still a couple of weeks away.

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    I decided i will only butter my bum with fragranted lotions made from flowers i cannot pronounce the names of..

    Oh ya,and no more Shrimp rings...if even see another Shrimp ring..violence will be sure to follow...

    ~~I reject your reality and substitute my own~~

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    I not going to put up with work crap and have more fun

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    I'm going to continue with the roll i'm on of having fun.........and oh yea I'm gonna stop taking shit from sorry ass people with serious issues.

    and what Matt said lol

    Happy New Year everybody


    "Stand strong in the storms of life,The sun will always shine on you" Kid Rock

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