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Thread: Good places to live...?

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    Good places to live...? i've lived in southern california all my life. well, i'm graduating college in may, thinking about going to grad school, and feeling like it's time for a new experience. i think i might like to move somewhere, but i don't know where to go. weather plays a big part, and it doesn't get much better than here, but like i said, i think it's time for a change. so i was just wondering where some of ya'll live, and what you like about it.


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    Well, if you could find a grad program on the Canadian prairies that runs from May to September, i'd highly recommend coming here. But if you don't like bad weather, stay away from November to March. October and April are iffy.

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    You might like Arizona or New Mexico, or even Nevada, but if you are like me, you will start to miss the ocean once you get away from it. How about a different part of California? I love the area north of San Francisco on the coast...


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    Seattle. Best place in the world, no contest. Mountains, lakes, Puget Sound, chains of islands, giant trees everywhere, excellent universities, lousy baseball team (except for Ichiro), crazy street culture, great bookstores, ahhh. And it's the home of Starbuck's!

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    California is a great place to live,because the weather is warm/hot most times,though it has became a little expensive (especially San Diego),Phoenix,Az is another great city to live too and it's not so expensive still.

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    Don't listen to Nate. The 'peg is a hole. I was born and lived there for 15 years. The westcoast is a dream come true compared to Manitoba, but it rains a hell of a lot. I miss the snow and the cows from the prairies, but I'd trade it in for the mountains and the beaches out here. Plus there's tons of stuff to do. I'm goin' boarding this week!!

    Honestly though, have you thought about leaving North America? You're young and there's a whole world out there. I was uber-keen on packin my bags and moving overseas on many occasions, and I still haven't ruled it out.

    If you did decide to go overseas, check out Australia. Tons of students go there to go to school or even just work and travel. I went there three years ago. It's generally accessible. The more affordable places to live are obviously outside of the big cities like Sydney. Newcastle is one of those places. Australia is a beautiful country. It's a great atmosphere, beautiful beaches, gorgeous people and the weather is amazing.

    Good luck, dude.

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    Dude, move to Manhatten...I´m telling you it´s the most unique place in the world. NYC rocks, there is always something going on, all the time, and if you want beach and waves, head east to Long Island or west to the Jersey Shore.

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    i second mike C,
    manhatten , the older areas are not accessable,
    but if you could spend a year , its a city of energy

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    i live in arizona and wouldn't want to live anywhere else besides cali or maybe hawaii. ive always thought it would be dreadful being a quad and living in rain and snow. i don't know how others put up with it. i love having the sun at least 360 days a year, even though its hotter than hell during the summer...its only a few months though, so no biggie. if your looking at grad school, ASU (arizona state university in tempe) could not have a more accessable campus. its completely flat and they even have an accessable gym, not to mention dorms. its worth checking out. im planning on starting grad school there next fall. if i were you id stay in cali, but its just so dang expensive! good luck!

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    Originally posted by bridget:

    if i were you id stay in cali, but its just so dang expensive!
    AMEN! especially near the ocean. but i think the schools with grad housing might give a reasonable deal.

    Thanks for all the responses. sometime's i feel that the whole wheelchair issue makes it hard to just pack up and go without a specific plan once you get there. i mean, i've been to alaska 4 times (pre-sci) but could not see myself getting around very easily up there. plus, being so close to such beautiful hiking trails and not being able to use them is kind of annoying. if i end up in one of your hoods, i'll come visit. thanks again.

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