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Thread: Dogger whats your take on this!

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    Dogger whats your take on this!

    Feral camel explosion in outback
    December 01, 2004
    THE nation's feral camel population could blow out to a million in a few short years if action is not taken soon to rid the red centre of the unruly animals, experts believe.

    Stakeholders, including farmers, Aborigines and camel industry representatives will meet in Alice Springs to discuss the problem in the first half of next year.

    Australia has the world's largest herd of wild camels, with about 500,000 of the beasts wandering the desert regions of the NT, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.


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    JimmyMack , it is a true story . The camels are leftovers from when they were an important part of transportation in our more arid regions . There is an industry involving capturing the feral camels and exporting them to Saudi Arabia [ and other countries ] to be used for camel racing . There are also camel races run here in Australia , some not far from me . People using camels for riding/pack animals in these areas have to carry a rifle to stop the feral camels either attacking their animals or running them off to add to their herds .

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    Some kind of new sub your thinkin of JM.....UUUUUUUUMMMM feral camel and bacon droolin man,im droolin

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    One hump, or two? {Decisions, Decisions}

    It's ashamed how earths' naturalism is destroyed by some of the growth and some technology. Anywho.


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