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Thread: Surgery complete.

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    Surgery complete.

    On Monday, November 29th 2004, my mom had surgery performed for her decupitis. Everything turned out well, and she will be hospitalized until Monday or Tuesday at the latest. She is anxious to return home, and lay on her comfortable air bed. At the moment, the doctor has ordered that she remain in a bed which she finds very uncomfortable. We aren't sure of the name, but it consists of air and sand blowing within a bowl-like shaped container, with a net-like cover which she lays on. It's very noisy, and she had to ask them to remove the pillow that came with the bed, due to it being very oddly shaped.
    She was on anti-biotics through an IV for three days, and is currently on the same anti-biotic once a day now.
    She's hoping to heal quickly, so that she can get up and start wheeling around after Melissa, Isis and I.

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    We will all say our prayers and wish for a fast speedy recovery for your mom (Raven). Thanks for keeping us updated.

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    I have always admired Raven so very much and wish her well. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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    Give Raven a big hug from the Norwegian woman and say I hope everything is ok.

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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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    Get well SOON!

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    Get well soon Raven

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    Thanks for giving us an update on Raven. Wish her well for me.


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    Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Raven.

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    Prayers are going out for a speedy and complete recovery! Your mom is a very sweet lady, thanks for the update.

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