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Thread: 25th anniversary

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    25th anniversary

    The date was November 30, 1979

    Well, I made it to my 25th anniversary as a quadriplegic. I rarely reflect on the past, but this day I will reflect on some thoughts.

    When my accident happened, Jimmy Carter was in office, disco was ending and terrorists struck their first blow against the United States with taking of the U.S. embassy during the Islamic revolution. I was 16.

    The worst part of the day is thinking "what might have been." Would I have been married, kids, job and so on. It does not get any easier over the years and I'm getting tired of living this way.

    I do live a very blessed and prosperous life, but it's still a rough day.

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    I agree with you, it does not get any easier.

    Keep on keepin' on.

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    Michael, I know these anniversaries can be rough, and 25 years is a big watershed. From what I can tell, and especially after meeting you in person, you do indeed have a blessed life.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    I feel the same way michael, I am coming up on my 24th year post and it still pains me to think how radically my life was changed and everyone elses who has been SCI. Hopefully we will see medical science give us a better life in the not too distant future.

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