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    Hi all.My son was injury was from MVA on Sept 15 2001.First let tell you this is a great site for infro and hope. He is 16 T8 complete so they say. He has feeling all the way to his feet. Brain injury that is almost complete healed. Why can't doctors give a little hope once awhile. Again just want to say great site. Thank You.

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    Doctors are often pussies when it comes to giving hope. They need to give you the worst case possibilities, but they should also give you the info about the good possibilities.

    If your son can feel down to his toes, including his anus, he is incomplete.

    I wish you all the best of luck. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.


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    A great site!

    Foster and Scorpion: Thank you. We know this is an invaluable place to find information and support and we are glad to provide it. Hopefully through knowledge we gain the emotional support we need to get on with life.

    Scorpion is right by saying your son's injury is incomplete because of his sensory preservation however most clinicians will term it complete when there is complete motor loss below the level of the injury. PLG

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